July 2015


This month is turning out to be awesome, I’ve got loads of gigs including supporting Tex Perkins and the Dark Horses and I’ve just recorded a mini demo to give away. I must get back to work. seeyou soon. TIM


Just back into the swing of things after the mayhem of the Reclink Community Cup which was in Melbourne on the 21st of June and my team the Rockdogs were defeated by the Megahertz all in the name of good fun to raise money for Reclink a great cause. here are some photos me on the day

I have lots of gigs in Melbourne this month details are all here next month I travel up to play Black Mountain Unplugged

1st December 2014


Had a great time at Meredith, it was my first time and by the state I’m in this Monday, I made the most it with a big dancing efforts my head is sore from head banging and drinking all day in the sun.
The highlight was the war on drugs and when Courtney Barnett sung a duet with the lemonheads lead singer Evan dando. I was lucky enough to have a good friend who filmed me playing the turtle song on the farm with a nice a view and hot sun. Good times. Thanks Daniel Riley. Here’s a link to the clip http://vimeo.com/114466102


Hey… I got a call this morning from one of Black Mountain Music Festival organisers and looks like I’ll be returning up there for the next festival which is held north of Cairns in a beautiful spot on private property and with great people. I was there in 2013 and it was a blast. More details soon..