next gig:

26th jan ; The Thornbury local Thornbury
635 high street 2pm 8 acts and bbq


1st December


Had a great time at Meredith, it was my first time and by the state I’m in this Monday, I made the most it with a big dancing efforts my head is sore from head banging and drinking all day in the sun.
The highlight was the war on drugs and when Courtney Barnett sung a duet with the lemonheads lead singer Evan dando. I was lucky enough to have a good friend who filmed me playing the turtle song on the farm with a nice a view and hot sun. Good times. Thanks Daniel Riley. Here’s a link to the clip


Hey… I got a call this morning from one of Black Mountain Music Festival organisers and looks like I’ll be returning up there for the next festival which is held north of Cairns in a beautiful spot on private property and with great people. I was there in 2013 and it was a blast. More details soon..