“I always love seeing Tim play, if I'm not smiling before he's hit the stage, I definitely am once he's finished. An easy-going dude with a lot of music to share with the world.” 

- Xani Kolac (solo/the twoks)

"A true Champion"

- Ash Naylor (Even)

"Tim's music intertwines storytelling, humor, and catchy melodies, evoking iconic folk artists of the 60s. His live performances captivate, energize, and enrich, redefining the modern troubadour experience."

 - Chat GPT (Evil Robot)

Latest Release "One Day She Will"

‘One Day She Will’ is a moving, achingly honest piece of art that explores Tim's most intimate emotions. 



To Launch on 12th June 2022

This is a concept album dedicated to my daughter.

Everyday I think about what you’re up to, how you are, all kinds of things that hang around or float away. All I can do is watch them as they go by or sit with them for a little while. Occasionally I’d try to write emails about how I feel to an address that I set up for you, with the idea that someday I’d give you the password and you can read all about how much I miss you - in chronological order. But I write songs, not emails.

Stay well, I love you.

All songs written by Tim Woodz
Produced by Tim Woodz and Niko Schäuble

Recorded at Pughouse Studios, Thornbury, Vic, Australia.
Between January and June 2021.

Tim Woodz - Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Harmonica, Uke, Banjo, Mandolin, Steel Guitar.
Maxine Sutcliffe - Double Bass, Violin.
Stephen Lebsanft - Trombone.
Steven Grant - Accordian, Trumpet.