Nice to meet you, here's my little bio...!

With his comical, heartwarming and inspiring perspective on life, Tim Woodz creates stripped back storytelling folk songs that contribute to the ever evolving Australian experience. Nostalgic and breathtaking imagery, stunning plot twists, virtuoso musicianship and an unwavering child-like imagination. Tim performs his humble songs with showmanship and earth shattering honesty.

“I always love seeing Tim play, if I'm not smiling before he's hit the stage, I definitely am once he's finished. An easy-going dude with a lot of music to share with the world.” 

- Xani Kolac (solo/the twoks)

"A true Champion"

- Ash Naylor (Even)

"Tim's music intertwines storytelling, humor, and catchy melodies, evoking iconic folk artists of the 60s. His live performances captivate, energize, and enrich, redefining the modern troubadour experience."

 - Chat GPT (Evil Robot)