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Hey welcome to my Website!

I'm treating this Blog like a Magazine, this is the December edition even though as I write this it is in fact the 29th of November. I thought you should know this. Anyway, it's a Wednesday and today I was at SEN radio playing my latest song "backyard Cricket". SEN is a sports talk back radio show that mostly covers AFL footy which is fine with me, I like it! In the off season they still talk footy, which again is cool with me. They talk Cricket and other sports but then before you know they are talking footy again. It's fantastic. 
So summer has come early with 35 degrees of dry Melbourne weather, barely a cloud in the sky and I'm sitting in my parked car starring at the SEN door with the air-con a blast. I think to myself I should enjoy this more, I was just nervous. So I got my guitar and harmonicas out and I walked in the door to the beautifully air-conditioned building, the receptionist was lovely, I signed in, went up stairs and waited on the couch upstairs still trembling but a lot more at ease.
Andy Donaldson asked me to come in and play Backyard Cricket as the film clip has been online for a week and is getting some views, She is a friendly, well dressed, stylish character who oozes confidence and charisma. In all of her outspokenness she gives me a corner of the mouth smile and introduces me to John and Matt. We talked about Backyard Cricket, what the rules are, what's good about it and I played the song, I said a couple of things about growing up loving folk music and the interview was done. After, it was established that Matt was the drummer from British India, awesome Australian rock band who has toured with the stones among others, he was telling a weird story about Axl Rose and John was also impressively talking about his huge boat that he sails on. They weren't bragging, they were genuinely nice people, they were super nice to me, either that or they were so professional that they made me feel very welcome. Either way I'm happy.