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4th Feb 2018 

Hey Friends, 

Just checking in with some new thoughts, some good news and some gig updates. I hope you've all had a great Summer so far, I'm down at my Beach house in the ever intriguing suburb of Carrum Downs, the gateway to the Morning Peninsula. 

New Thoughts 
After having an amazing time at the Newstead folk festival, seeing Scott Cook, Neil Murray, Jon Jon Festival, saying G'day to the Mae trio (Mae's band) and having the pleasure of singing a song of mine with long time musical companion Khristian…

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Hey welcome to my Website!

I'm treating this Blog like a Magazine, this is the December edition even though as I write this it is in fact the 29th of November. I thought you should know this. Anyway, it's a Wednesday and today I was at SEN radio playing my latest song "backyard Cricket". SEN is a sports talk back radio show that mostly covers AFL footy which is fine with me, I like it! In the off season they still talk footy, which again is cool with me. They talk Cricket and other sports but then before…

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